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Friday, August 29, 2008

An Elephant Named Guilt

Has anyone ever met the Elephant named Guilt? I have!! His favorite places to sit are on the shoulders, and the heart. One of his favorite things to do it remind you of many things that you have done wrong, whether it be the past or the present. The only way you can get him to leave is by saying out loud (usually to another person) what he keeps reminding you of. Then usually he will step down.

****When I was in the 5Th grade, I did something that I still feel bad about today. Now it was nothing of a great magnitude, it was small and petty but to this day I can not forget it. I didn't physically hurt anyone or myself for that matter. But I did not stand up when I knew I was in the wrong about something. I will now tell everyone what I did.....I was in the class and everyone was signing a "get well" card for another fellow classmate who had been out. When the card was passed to me, I noticed that the boy sitting behind me did not sign his name. So I took it upon myself to write a little note for him in a RED pen and this is what it said: Dear Jessica, I hope you get well soon! Love William.......And that was it...William had noticed that someone had written his name on the card with out asking him and got really upset. He then proceeded to scratch out what had been written with black pen, leaving a huge black blob of ink on a really nice card. After the card finished going around the class room, the teacher took the card and immediately asked who scratched out the note. William told the teacher that he did not want to write anything on there and so he scratched out what SOMEONE had written down for him. Because I sat right in front of him she knew that it had to be one of 4 of us all sitting at the same table. She asked who had the RED pen. When no one but me had the red pen I knew I was going to be in trouble. She had said to our little group that who ever it was, was going to get a detention and have to stay after and talk to her. I knew I could not have that....a detention was like going to jail for meant that I would have a record. So in that moment I very nicely ask the teacher if I could go to the bathroom. In which I took the RED pen to the bathroom with me and threw it in the garbage , now there would be no traces leading back to me. To this day I know that the teacher knew it was me and was hoping that I would fess up and tell her it was me. But I never did. And so to this day I still feel bad!

**** OK so there, its out there and if there was ever a way that I could go back and apologize for writing that note on that card with that red pen, I would. I am sorry to William and I am sorry to my 5Th grade teacher, Ms. D!

****Now for the real reason for all of this.....Stephenie Meyer had planned to write the book Twilight from Edwards Perspective calling it Midnight Sun! Well after Stephenie so trustingly lent out her unfinished Midnight Sun transcripts, someone has gone out there and posted them on the Internet. She is now considering not finishing the book, and as of right now it is on hold indefinitely. She has been betrayed by someone she has trusted and now we might not get a great book because of them. I hope for that persons sake that they feel the Guilt and comes forward and apologizes.

Monday, August 4, 2008

My New Goal!

Someone once shared a story where the Lord had come to there home and he was pleased to see and nice and tidy house...and then he went and opened the closet and everything fell on top of him. The Lord would never allow this in his own house so why should we allow it in ours.....

....well because I am a lazy person when it comes to cleaning. And so now my new goal is to not just have my house picked up and clean each night, but to also have some organization in our closets and cupboards. I have a great friend who was an angel to come an help me get on my way. Elizabeth just came in and started moving things around..throwing things away that didn't need to be there and wha-la....we have a clean and tidy house! Thanks so much Elizabeth...I'm not sure this would have happened with out you!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Alright alright listen up.....for all those who don't already know my secret (which most of you do) I, Amanda Hales am obsessed with TWILIGHT! WOW that feels great to get it out there....Now really people I am truly an obsessed fan! I love love love everything that has to do with Twilight! To my great happiness I have found a dear friend who shares my same obsession! Yay Sima!! I love her...she gets my obsessions through and through!! She gets me so much that we are taking a fun trip.....Guess where..........Yep that's right people, I'm heading to Seattle WA to meet Stephenie Meyer herself. And then we are off to good ol' FORKS WA...Yaya! We are going to head to La Push, down to First Beach and then to Port Angeles to eat at La Bella Italia. Can you tell how excited I am.....YAYAYAYAYAYA.....can you? OK OK....on to other great things that I love to talk about....

Breaking Dawn....absolutely and 100% in LOVE with this book! Being the fan that I am, I had to go and show that I wanted that book more then any 15 year old out there.....and so.......I did! I showed all those screaming teenagers and tweeners just how smart I am. We went to the Borders midnight party and played a Twilight Trivia Game. And do you know who won.....yes that's right ME!!! ME ME ME ME!!! Yay...(thanks to Sima *wink*) My prize was this: a Breaking Dawn t-shirt, a reading light, a journal, a $10.00 gift card, and 2ND place in line to receive my BOOK!! It was awesome. (Since really I had no plans on buying it that night, I had already pre-ordered my book) The girl in Blue was first(costume contest winner) She is wearing her mom's prom dress...uhh all I have to say is Thank You for the changing times in fashion!! Anywho.. Its a good thing I got that book though...I have yet to receive my book in the mail. Bottom line is.....I love Twilight and I don't care who knows it! GO TEAM SWITZERLAND!!!

They were just right there in front of me..the whole case full of books...I wonder what would have happened if I would have just took it and ran....Jail??...a mob of screaming fans...or...Sima ready and waiting in the get a way car?
The Gals we went with...

These were just some of the fans dressed up...Obsession...what it will make people do.

This is just another crazy obsessed fan...OK I'm not that obsessed.

Happy Reading Everyone! ** If you want a great song to listen to...go to the bottom of my playlist and play Calling You by Blue October....if it doesn't remind you of Edward and Bella..I don't know what will.