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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Moment to Complain

Sick, Tired, Sick, Broken, Sick, Cranky,Tired, Tired, Tired , Tired!

Did I mention that a couple of weeks ago Jimmy broke his hand and needed surgery on it. Yep it was almost exactly a year ago this time that he had his knee surgery done too. I think he's just a fragile boy. At the same time this was happening, the girls have both been sick with colds that seemed to seep from every hole on their face. And then Last night after finally get off this blog at 12:50 in the morning I went to bed, only to be woken up a hour later with Chloe crying. I made Jimmy go and check her out. (which she was fine) Then just as she stops crying I hear Sophie start crying. Then I hear "IT" the infamous sound of throwing up. Needless to say both Jimmy and I are tired to the max right now after staying up with Sophie all night with her throwing up every hour. Luckily she is starting to feel better, but that doesn't mean anything for Jimmy and I. We still have jobs to do and there is no rest for the weary

Monday, November 24, 2008

Get Ready for Some Twilight Talk!!

Ok just a little review of the Movie......

To start off with...I liked it and the second time I saw it I liked it even more. Definatly better the second time. Now I know what some/most people are saying out there,..but like I said before this is my review.


-Charlie....they did a great job on picking the perfect Charlie. He was everything Bella's father was in the book and more.

-The baseball scene.....I LOVED It! I wish they could have spent more time here. One fav part is when Edward and Emmett are both jumping up in the air and they collide and hit the ground and they both just start laughing...I loved it. Second fav when Jasper is flipping around the baseball bat. Can we say talented? Third fav when Bella calls Rosalie out at home plate...If that was me I would have been like ...uh no you are safe, completly outs for you. (With a cheesy scared grin on my face.)

-The kiss scene....mmmmmm yess I loved this scene. Fav part when (giggling while writing) Edward says to Bella ..."Just Don't move......Don't Move" Something about that line just gives me the giggles. Second fav is when they are kissing and he says "No" and flys back ward and she's just sitting there all stunned.

-Esme...( I know some people didn't like her that much but I loved her) I thought she did a great job playing the motherly role and how she was just so excited for Edward to have someone he loved. It definatly showed in her performace.

-The Port Angeles scence was great, I thought that the way he whipped his car around to get out of there was awesome.

-Emmett......need we say more? Yes...he was perfect.

-Mike Newton and Jessica Stanley were great characters in this movie. They definatly added more comic relief.

- The Van Crash scene was done beautifullly. The pain and shock on Edwards face was pricesless. Fav part is when they are in the hospital after and Charlie comes in and is all protective over her and doesn't even give Tyler Crowley a chance to say he's sorry. So cute!

*** There are plenty more favorite little scenes and I know I could write them all down but I won't. Now lets get to the Not so Favorite Parts.....( these are only the parts that I truely just had to close my eyes because I just couldn't handle watching.)

Not So Favorites:

-When Edward is sucking out the Venom out of Bellas arm...uhh I just couldn't watch, not because it was gross by any means, but because it was just awkward and wierd to see Robert Pattinson acting that way. I just didn't like it. It was much better when I could just close my eyes and listen to it.

-Edward and this Shimmering sweating diamond face. I did not like how they did this at all. I think it just just made him look funny.

-The whole Meadow scene....not that I hated it, but I just felt they were quickly telling us everything that we needed to know in this was not gradual and it was awkward to see them laying there without touching and just staring at each other. And then some where in there they just have a random scene of Edward playing the piano for just seemed to not quite fit in.

-The "I know what you are" I said before, it not that I hated it, but I just didn't like how he went from yelling to all of a sudden saying " and so the Lion fell in love with the lamb" and all of a sudden they were professing themselves to one other. It just felt odd...they had no development of there relationship.

-No Character development of Alice, Jasper and Emmett. There seemed to be more Rosalie than Alice which is difinatly not the case in the book.

-And one final thing...did anyone catch this....There was NO mention to Twilight and why twilight is so important to there relationship. I know that in books and movies they usually put in at least once. That just seemed odd to me.

**** Anyways I think I could go on for days and have this whole movie completly broken down but my fingers are going a little numb and I still have more to do on this I will save it for later. All in All I think it was a good Movie...and that is what it is...a Movie. They did a good job following the book with the budget that they were given. Now lets just hope that they get a large budget for New Moon and do this book Justice the way we all would have liked with Twilight!

We had the best seat...right smack dad in the center. In the picture from left to right...Christina, Sima, me, Sierra, and Cheryl. Kim Joined about 10min into the movie. We are so glad she got to make it.Just waiting in Line. We had a blast just hanging out and chatting all night.

We just had to sport our Forks Sweatshirts! The best part was that no one else had one!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Acts of Kindness!!!

Sometimes life moves extremely fast and everything around you seems to be flying by. It's not until someone stops you and does something extremely nice, that it makes you realize that things don't always have to move at warp speed. Today I decided to venture to the grocery store. (No big deal right?) Wrong......It all seemed to be going pretty smoothly and we only had one tantrum, so we were doing pretty good. An hour later I was at the check out stand and there were not enough baggers so I ended up bagging my own groceries. Mean while Sophie is running around the cart saying " Mommy I want a sticker!" Over and over again. Finally I went back to the register to pay for it all and I look down and realize.....I HAVE NOTHING! No ID, No cash, No credit card, No checkbook. I stood there frozen....I had no idea what to do....After being at the store for what felt like forever and finally having all my stuff in the cart, along with my kids I was completely embarrassed. I soon realized that I had an extra check book in my car, so the check out lady watched my kids and I ran out in the rain to grab it. I didn't realize that the checkbook was useless with no ID! AARRGG what was I going to do...I was about in tears when the Lady behind me turned me around and said "I paid for your groceries." It's not like I had like two things in my cart. My cart was completely full and the total amount was pretty pricey. I stood there ready to cry..This woman didn't know me from Adam, and here she was paying for my Food!! I truly look forward to that day when I can bestow that same kindness for someone else.

***I did write her a check for the total amount and she will be getting her money back. But Thank you to Bethany Smith for being an amazing example of Kindness!!!!