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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I'm saying goodbye to my Blond hair! I will miss the good times it brought me. Jimmy will have to go back to his usual wife of Brown hair! I know you will miss it Jimmy, but have no fear, one day it will be back!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Blog Hiatus ......Get Ready cause here it comes....

I'mmmm Baaaaccckkkkk......Where did I go you ask?? Absolutely no where. I was just too lazy to sit down and finally write about everything. But oh how I've missed my blog!! It's been a great thing for me considering that I stink at journal writing. I'm sorry this is coming to you so incredibly late but better late than never right? I will begin back in August and move you up to the present....So here we go........

Back on August 11Th my Twi fan Twin Sima and I set out to Forks WA. We had such an amazing time. We got to meet Stephenie Meyer and get our books signed. We also got the amazing opportunity to hear live in person Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October!! Love Love Love his music. We were able to go dancing...(yes that's right I can dance) it was a blast. I can not wait to head back..because I will and when I do, I will stay right in La Push!! It was beautiful!! There are not enough words out there to describe how beautiful it was there.

After seeing this small little town, I couldn't believe this number was actually correct. It seems smaller that 3,175.

It was like Sima could tell we were close because out of no where we were skidding to a halt and Sima was out the door and running up the hill.

For some reason the doors were locked.....maybe they just didn't want any Nuts named Mandy in there cute little school that is now condemned.

This was Bella's House! I think it matches perfectly!

I saw this kid just standing there and I couldn't believe my eyes....It was Jacob...or close to it. He had the black motorcycle and everything. He was nice enough to let us snap this shot with him.

This is Jacob Black's House. Right across the street was First Beach. And to the left of the house is Jacobs workshop.

This is First Beach with all its beauty and all its driftwood.

Of course Bella Italia....sadly we did not get a chance to eat there but let me tell you it was small and very cute. It also smelled yummy.

This was the theater that was right up the street from Bella Italia. I am actually standing right at the restaurant and so you can see it was pretty close.

Needless to say if you love the books and want a fun trip, head to Forks, or La Push. La Push has a great resort that would be great get away with the Hubby.
And now the Intro to my Twilight Party. I decided since we had just come back from Forks, and my birthday was on its way, why not throw myself a little party! I hope everyone that came had a good time, I know I did. I will posting my quiz another time....lets see who can still remember the answers.

Alice and her party planning inspired this one.

All Twilight inspired food. All Vegetarian.

I wanted to set the mood with candles and Flowers...I think it did the trick!

OK now to the Last Post.....This was our Trip to Vegas. AKA Our major blessing. We left for Vegas just hours before Hurricane Ike hit Houston with full force. It was a trip that was supposed to be just Jimmy going, but at the last minute he was able to bring his whole family. I could not have imagined being in that storm with out Jimmy and completely unprepared.

Sophie was in this position almost everyday at 4:00 pm. Always on Grandma Hales bed.

We had to take Chloe in to the ER while we were there. She had Croup for the third time. She was better after a few days. She looked so cute in her little gown.

Liam Chloe Lance and Sophie

These two are only 6 weeks apart in age. They had so much fun playing together.

We headed to the New shopping center in LasVegas. A lot like Market Street or Santana Row, but much cooler and much Larger!! They had an awesome park in the middle of the shopping center. It was my ideal park for kids!! If you are ever in the neighborhood check it out.

All the Hales Angels together. Liam, Preston, Devon, Sophie , Lance, Chloe

Well now that I have that off my shoulder I am feeling a little lighter.