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Saturday, June 27, 2009


**In no particular order**

Enjoy!They look so much alike now.

This is right after the whole event. Jimmy was awesome and I think we laughed for an hour after everything that just happened. I love that man!!

This is my amazing doctor, Dr. Tracy Turner! She was doing everything she could to get this baby out when I wanted her to. Too bad she missed the actual event. But she got there to do all the dirty work.

My Cheerleaders..and nurses assistants.

This was right after we got in and all hooked up.

I'm falling in love with her more everyday!

Adalynn Rae Hales

Born: 6/24/09

Time: 8:56 p.m.

Weight: 8lbs 9oz

Length: 22 inches

And so the REAL story begins...and let me tell you it was a fun and exciting for me. (WARNING: THIS IS KINDA LONG)

On Monday I went for my 40 week and 2 day apt. I decided a couple posts back to change my attitude and so it was not so bad heading back into the Dr.s office. I went in the office at a 3 dilation and came out a 4. My doctor had stripped my membranes and was hopeful she would come that night. She then also called me about an hour later and told me that she moved my Thursday (3rd in line) to Wednesday (4Th in line) scheduled induction. I was still trying to not get my hopes up because I was a DEFINITE, FOR SURE, ALL GREEN LIGHTS FOR A GO on Monday.

So Wednesday rolled around and I knew I still had to call for the small chance that I might get in. So I called at 6:30 in the morning and was told to call back at 9:00. (I have heard that before and then the let down usually follows after.) But the women was nice enough for me to ask her if my chances looked good. She told me that my Doctor had written a note on mine and had said to get me in as late as 5:00 pm. And most likely I would be getting in. Anyways I called back and they told me to call at 11:00. I called at 11:00 and they said to wait until they called me, but that it was probably going to be around 1:00.

1:50 I GOT THE CALL! I was so excited! I was there in 15 min thanks to Breana Smith and Elizabeth Chappell. Jimmy was there in 10min (and that was from Greenspoint) Needless to say we were a bit overly excited. Anyways I was hooked up to the pit by 2:30...and my water was broken at 3:30. Jimmy and I pretty much just hung out and talked. Then at around 5:30-6:00 my Cheerleaders came and then the fun started...Sierra Griffin, Sima Eggett and Elizabeth Chappell were there to watch the show. (And boy did they get a show) For the most part we just were chatting away as my contractions started to get harder. They were a great distraction from the pain. My nurse came in and I found out that we pretty much new each other from the 2 times that I had gone to hospital before during this pregnancy. She was the same nurse that took care of me in Triage and we got to know each other a bit. She had even made the comment the last time I was in, that maybe she would see me in a couple of weeks. Sure enough she was my nurse that night, her name was Linda. She was AMAZING and since my mom could not be there, it almost felt like she stepped in to that role. She really gave me her full attention while being there.

Moving 8:40 I told my nurse that I was starting to feel the need to push. She told me not to since I was only barely at a 7. 8:50 I kept saying to her "I think I really need to push."At 8:55 I finally told her "I AM PUSHING..UMM SHE'S OUT!" mean while she says to me hold on just let me check you first..she pulled back the sheet and low and behold Adalynns head was out. I had stopped my push midway through in fear that I would get in trouble for pushing her all the way out.

It all got a little crazy right then. Jimmy was asked to go get more nurses..(since my doctor was not there) and Elizabeth, Sierra and Sima jumped up to do what ever the nurse asked them to do. I think Sierra pushed over the doctors table to the nurse and Elizabeth ran to get help as well. ( sorry Sima I'm not sure what you did considering I was trying not to push at the moment.)

Anyways..That is pretty much all that doctor made it in to deliver the placenta and to stitch up the small tear I had. By 9:30 it was just Jimmy, Adalynn, and I in the room. I had the best nurse care the whole hospital stay and was barely interrupted by people coming in. Jimmy and I slept pretty well considering it was a hospital. And I never thought I would say this but I wanted to stay as long as I could. It was so nice to just be there with piece and quiet for the majority of my stay. Adalynn so far is a great baby. She eats great and sleeps great so far... she had blond hair and I think looks like Jimmy. We are so excited that she is finally here and can't wait to get to know her.

p.s. Thanks to all the people who helped. Brad you Rock! Thanks for being awesome. Thanks to Joe and Travis for letting their wives be there. It meant so much to me to have them there. You three are GREAT HUSBANDS and AWESOME DADS!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


**Listen to Brooke Whites version of Let it Be on my play list.**

The guilt of feeling sorry for myself has started to seep in. In all honesty I should be looking at my positives and not my negatives. After finding out again yesterday that I was not "getting what I wanted" I cried and cried and was just mad at everything. I was feeling so sorry for myself, when Jimmy called me in the room and reminded me of how good we have it. There is nothing WRONG with me. As far as I know my baby is healthy and strong, and I have had a great pregnancy. Many women go over there due date and maybe they are sad about it but in thinking about it..I didn't hear one complaint from any of them. I also realised in saying my prayers.. I was not letting the Lord take over..I was trying to control the situation. So now I am going to just LET IT BE..I am going to let the Lord take over and stop trying to control what I can't. One way or another she HAS to come out. I need to take comfort in the fact that my Heavenly Father loves me and my baby and I think the two of them will decide when she needs to come out. My control will start after she is!

So let the pity party end. I will TRY to be as positive as I can. I mean I'm not perfect so I might slip up here and there..but I will make a hard effort.

Thank you to all you Lovely Ladies with all your support and great advise. I truly love you all.

Saturday, June 20, 2009



I have always said that Luck has never been on my side.....

Its not going to happen today...or tomorrow or the next or the day after that...pretty much I just have to wait until she wants to come out. Something that I am having a hard time dealing with. Pregnancies should never last more than 40 weeks. I feel like I'm going crazy.

Here is the situation now...its 12:30 and I got a call from my doctor saying that she is sooo sorry, but she doesn't think its going to happen today. She said that they are under staffed at the hospital and they don't have enough nurses for all the patients. I totally understand the situation..but here is my dilemma...what if ( and I really don't think this would ever happen) but what if I were to go into labor...are they not going to have enough nurses for me then? I know that's a dumb question.

I hope that soon I will be able to post something that is happy and good news, but don't hold your breath...remember I don't have such luck!



Well its Saturday morning and we called at 6:00 am to see if we could get in. We were told they would call us...So we waited...Jimmy gave them til 7:00am before he decided to call back. When he did call back they said that my Doctor wants me to come in when ever the hospital has bed space. So I think I will get in today..I just have to wait! Let me tell you...I am done waiting!!!!! I've never been a very good patient person to begin with but now this is truly torture!

I don't think I'll truly be happy until I am in the hospital and my water is broken. I feel like screaming...

OK OK I'm done complaining for this post. I feel like my blog is beginning to become my own personal pity party. But for now I'm done...

Friday, June 19, 2009


So I got a phone call yesterday saying that the hospital is canceling my induction because they are too full. I thought someone was playing a mean joke because the girl on the line just sounded too happy and her accent sounded a little fake. (I really did believe this.) Anyways...usually they do not schedule any inductions on the weekend, unless they are an emergency. But I guess my doctor talked to them and told them that I HAD to get in. She also will be working this weekend so they said that it would be OK. This still is NO GUARANTEE that I will get in, but I do have a better chance.

So here is hoping for tomorrow (raising a glass in the air, and rolling my eyes)!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Here is the proof! I am still very much prego!! Yes yes people...I'm wearing a tank top...I had just got back from taking the girls to the Splash Pad.
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This one is for you Lesley....

Thanks to our lovely friends the Larsons, we now can hide away our TV. Since this baby has decided never to come, I felt it was a good time to start up a project. I forgot to take a picture of how it originally looked but here now is the finished look! It was fun, but seriously I thought somehow this would put me into did not. I will put up more pictures later.

Thanks Lesley...I'm so happy I have this!
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Monday, June 15, 2009

The Flu has hit with Force and Bad Timing,,,,,

Lets start last Thursday the 11Th.

(Tuesday, two nights before this my girls were up all night with the stomach flu. I thought it was food poisening, boy was I wrong!)

I was stranded at home with a dead car. The battery had died on us the day before and we couldn't do anything about it until the next day. Thursday my mom came in from California to help for when the baby comes. Jimmy picked her up and everything seemed to be going well, especially after he got the car working again. As the day progressed, I started to feel achy and sick to my stomach. But I had been feeling that every night so I didn't think much about it. That was until it started to hurt so bad that I actually started crying "like a child, cause my tummy hurt." I was begging Jimmy to just take it away some how. He gave me a blessing of comfort and soon after I threw up..(I have not throw up since I was 18. Not even once during my other pregnancies.) All day Friday my mom took care of me and the girls while Jimmy was at work. Saturday came around and I was feeling a little better, but still weak. Then Sunday I got ready for Church feeling pretty good only to find out that my mom has the stomach flu as well. She ended up staying in bed for the whole day just feeling miserable. As the night came Jimmy started to feel a little nauseous. Sure enough he was up all last night just feel horrible.

So now I have a problem...I had a scheduled induction at 6:30 in the morning on today. ( I was fourth in line, so I felt there was a small chance that I would get in. So I started to prepare myself for Tuesday instead of Monday.) Well I called in to the hospital this morning to tell them that I would not be able to come in because EVERYONE was sick. Before I could say anything the woman told me that I could get in....I was shocked. Here was my chance to get in and go have my baby TODAY and I WAS THE ONE CANCELING! Now my chances have gone way way down for this to happen Tuesday. There is already four people on the waiting list for Tuesday and most likely I will not get in. The farther and farther this gets pushed out, the faster my moms day to leave approaches.

People say that I might just go into labor myself, but listen....I am not that LUCKY people! Anyways..that is where everything stands at the moment! I guess you win FLU! I hate that you have impeccable timing. You know how to ruin everything!