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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A toast to READING!!

......I love reading!(As most people do.) Reading is where anything you thought was not possible, becomes possible with a few simple words on a page.

I feel like when I first open a book my body and mind decide together if they want to invest time in this book. If they do, my body feels this gravitational pull to its pages. Like at any moment my arm or leg might very well be pulled into the pages. Once inside I step behind the curtain of words and watch my very own movie unfold before me. If at any moment I am pulled back to reality, my mind is never too far from the book, and then I feel the pull once again.( And so the cycle continues...) I feel as though once I'm back in the movie that's playing before me, I am in this position to watch the Hero and Heroine tell there stories with out my interference. My feelings are the same as the characters, but mostly my main feeling is just exhilarated. My mind sometimes runs faster than the story playing before me and so then I get anxious. I can only sit by and hope the story ends well. And then when the story is at its end I feel a huge sense of loss, but yet still excited that I got to be apart of it.(It's all very conflicting on the heart.) Then soon I will have to step back into reality. And when my foot steps back out of the pages and the book closes, I look up to see the poop on my tile floor, because my 2 year old kept trying to tell me that she had to potty and couldn't seem to get through to her mom. So she took matters into her own hands and went.

So here is to reading books and dreaming big with them...just remember to toast reality too because if you don't remember that its there you might find a big surprise...and sometimes it's not so pretty!