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Monday, February 18, 2008

Dermatologist Are Like A Really Fancy Restaurant

So I have been calling around all morning trying to find a dermatologist that takes my insurance. It's like going to a stupid fancy restaurant. You have to call months in advance to make a reservation ( or appt.) And then once you are in, it's like being excepted to the Big Wigs Club. You get special treatment that they would never tell you until after the first initial appt.

See the problem is that I have a problem now. Who knows if I will have the same problem in June.( that is when my appt. is) JUNE!!!!! My legs have been breaking out in hives everyday now for the past week. And when I finally go, I'm sure that the problem will probably be gone by then.

Why are they so special that it takes months for them to see anyone new? I can't stand that..its like they are cool doctors or something. It almost makes me want to be a Dermatologist, so that I can have patients get into me sooner and start a new trend. OOOOOOOOHHHHH THIS MAKES ME MAD!!!

These are kinda gross but these are my problem. And some of you might know, I have already been though WORSE. But dang it, I'm not pregnant so this should not be happening to me.


I did it!!! I pre-ordered my Breaking Dawn. I am so excited to see what is going to happen. So I guess it sounds like Stephenie Meyer will be publishing Midnight Sun. I loved the first chapter of this book and so I will be excited when it comes out.

Friday, February 15, 2008


Sophie has had some poopie problems...I welcome any ones advice.....

Sophie will hold in her poop for days, sometimes alittle over a week. And then the time comes and she stiffens up and hides. Then all of a sudden the hysterical screaming starts. It is happening, she is finally letting it out. Obviously this is hurting her, but I can not help her. She is one strong kid, I can not for the life of me bend her legs or help her get it out.

So the question WHAT DO I DO?

Just Add Water And She Grows!!

I can't believe how fast babies grow these days!! What are we putting in there food??? Chloe has hit her cute prime...This baby is so funny! She loves to get a laugh out of someone and so she really does things to just make you crack up. Her dad was giving her rasberries the other day so she has decided that she would give some back. She gives kisses, lovies, and now rasberries!! I love me some loves!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Tribute To Someone I Love!!!

I am constantly posting things about my kids or things that I have done or will be doing, or just thoughts that I might have here and there. My kids are my life and so yes, it is easy for me to tell everyone how I think my kids are the best and the cutest and the smartest and the funniest. But in all honestly there is someone else who I love even more then my kids. I think this person is by far the best, and the cutest, and the smartest, and the funniest. This person is the love of my life, forever and ever...most of us would say eternal companions, yes everyone should know who I am talking about... My husband Jimmy!
He made a huge leap of faith when he married me. We hardly knew each other when we got married, and now he is my best friend in the whole wide (wild) world! Some might have thought that we were crazy for getting married so fast, but the Lord had a plan for us and so we just let Him lead the way. We have had a blast in our 3 years of marriage. Jimmy is the hardest working person I know. He has a heart that just melts every time he sees his little girls. He is a rock for many people in his life. He tells the best stories. He loves the Gospel, and is always setting the examples in our home. He is extremely smart! He knows just about everything. I mean it people....just ask sometime about why the sun traps the heat in cars and he will explain to you like you were reading it out of a children's book. Or ask him for help with math, this kid is a whiz at that stuff! Oh and my man is ripped...I have pictures to prove it,though he really would kill me if I posted them. Trust me I have a buff man!! And this is something that most of you might not know about it him..but he knows rap songs from back in the day. He can recite word for word and even bleep out the bad words as he was rapping. (Don't kill me for telling) One little story about him: he was in an English class in high school and the teacher said that if anyone could memorize one part of a play of Shakespeare, she would give them extra credit. So he decided he would do it. But instead of just memorizing one, he memorized two . One from Romeo and Juliet and one from Macbeth, just for the heck of it. To this day he still has those plays memorized, his mind is like a library.
I know that sometimes he checks out this blog while he is at work, so if you are reading this Jimmy, I love you, I love you, I love you! (squeeze squeeze squeeze) And thank you for everything that you do for me and for loving me back!
Here are just a few of his favorites:
-he loves BYU
-Byu Football
-John Beck
-playing games
-playing sports
-being outdoors
-his kids
-his family
-relaxing (even though he doesn't get to do it all the time)
-going to sleep
-his bed
-learning about history
-Joseph Smith
-the Scriptures
-Jack Johnson
-having function of his leg
and I know there are a TON more!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Chloe's First Sleepover

This past weekend was a ton of fun! Chloe had her first sleepover. Her friend Kate stayed with us for the weekend. Her Mommy and Daddy went on a little trip to Florida. It was a like having two 7 month old twins and a one and half year old. There was a ton of diapers and bottles, and lots of moving around. It was pretty easy though knowing that Kate and Chloe did the same things at the same time. They ate, slept, and played all at the same time. And Sophie loved having Kate there, or as she called her "kaytee."

We had a little picnic out on the front lawn. They loved being out in the sun.

Playing in the bath....ok ok more like crying in the bath. Chloe was the one freaking out as she always does, but you know if one baby is crying they all have to...its the secret baby code.
We also did alittle grocery shopping. We had many comments on how cute the twins were...I would just laugh and politly tell them that they were just friends. It was fun watching the two of them sit in the basket. They were so good and content just to sit and watch all the people passing them.
I meant to get some pictures of them in there sunday dresses, but I couldn't find that darn camera. But let me just tell you they looked so stinkin cute.

Friday, February 1, 2008

just want to post some cuteness

This me when I was about Chloes age.

I think she finally looks like she belongs in the family.