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Monday, February 18, 2008

Dermatologist Are Like A Really Fancy Restaurant

So I have been calling around all morning trying to find a dermatologist that takes my insurance. It's like going to a stupid fancy restaurant. You have to call months in advance to make a reservation ( or appt.) And then once you are in, it's like being excepted to the Big Wigs Club. You get special treatment that they would never tell you until after the first initial appt.

See the problem is that I have a problem now. Who knows if I will have the same problem in June.( that is when my appt. is) JUNE!!!!! My legs have been breaking out in hives everyday now for the past week. And when I finally go, I'm sure that the problem will probably be gone by then.

Why are they so special that it takes months for them to see anyone new? I can't stand that..its like they are cool doctors or something. It almost makes me want to be a Dermatologist, so that I can have patients get into me sooner and start a new trend. OOOOOOOOHHHHH THIS MAKES ME MAD!!!

These are kinda gross but these are my problem. And some of you might know, I have already been though WORSE. But dang it, I'm not pregnant so this should not be happening to me.


scottandlesley said...

That really really stinks. My body responds to everything with a rash too. But now I know to skip the dermatologist step, because it sounds like it is SO not worth it. Thanks for the heads up!

Heat rash perhaps? From all the triathlon training? Hmmm. Good luck.

Sierra and Joe said...

Wow that looks horrible. Couldn't you just go to a regular doctor first and see if they could do anything?? At least you won't be a new patient after June!