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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Houston has everything even SNOW!!

For one whole evening here in the big beautiful state of Texas we were all blessed with what looked like snow falling from the sky! The crazy part is NOT the fact that it snowed here in Houston, but the fact that the day before it was 70 degrees one hour it dropped about 30 degrees. Which then brought the cold and then the snow. It only lasted one evening but we all have proof that it was here and it stuck (for a while). The next day it was back to 60 degrees and has not dropped since. It was fun while it lasted!

These are the kids I watch after school. Rylee and Cody! Sophie kept asking the next day if the snow could come back and stay!
See see it did stay for a bit!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

When it needs to get done...ya getta done!!

Since Jimmy is crippled at this moment, I took it upon myself to finally show that we have some Christmas Spirit! Last year around the same time, Jimmy was on crutches and so we never got to put up our Christmas lights. That was not going to happen this year! I braved my roof and my roofing ( That stuff cuts up your hands like you wouldn't believe, maybe I should use gloves next time.) I'm not afraid of heights but there was one point when I thought maybe this was a dumb idea. But its done and I am totally proud of myself! Good thing we don't have a two story!