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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Tribute To Someone I Love!!!

I am constantly posting things about my kids or things that I have done or will be doing, or just thoughts that I might have here and there. My kids are my life and so yes, it is easy for me to tell everyone how I think my kids are the best and the cutest and the smartest and the funniest. But in all honestly there is someone else who I love even more then my kids. I think this person is by far the best, and the cutest, and the smartest, and the funniest. This person is the love of my life, forever and ever...most of us would say eternal companions, yes everyone should know who I am talking about... My husband Jimmy!
He made a huge leap of faith when he married me. We hardly knew each other when we got married, and now he is my best friend in the whole wide (wild) world! Some might have thought that we were crazy for getting married so fast, but the Lord had a plan for us and so we just let Him lead the way. We have had a blast in our 3 years of marriage. Jimmy is the hardest working person I know. He has a heart that just melts every time he sees his little girls. He is a rock for many people in his life. He tells the best stories. He loves the Gospel, and is always setting the examples in our home. He is extremely smart! He knows just about everything. I mean it people....just ask sometime about why the sun traps the heat in cars and he will explain to you like you were reading it out of a children's book. Or ask him for help with math, this kid is a whiz at that stuff! Oh and my man is ripped...I have pictures to prove it,though he really would kill me if I posted them. Trust me I have a buff man!! And this is something that most of you might not know about it him..but he knows rap songs from back in the day. He can recite word for word and even bleep out the bad words as he was rapping. (Don't kill me for telling) One little story about him: he was in an English class in high school and the teacher said that if anyone could memorize one part of a play of Shakespeare, she would give them extra credit. So he decided he would do it. But instead of just memorizing one, he memorized two . One from Romeo and Juliet and one from Macbeth, just for the heck of it. To this day he still has those plays memorized, his mind is like a library.
I know that sometimes he checks out this blog while he is at work, so if you are reading this Jimmy, I love you, I love you, I love you! (squeeze squeeze squeeze) And thank you for everything that you do for me and for loving me back!
Here are just a few of his favorites:
-he loves BYU
-Byu Football
-John Beck
-playing games
-playing sports
-being outdoors
-his kids
-his family
-relaxing (even though he doesn't get to do it all the time)
-going to sleep
-his bed
-learning about history
-Joseph Smith
-the Scriptures
-Jack Johnson
-having function of his leg
and I know there are a TON more!


Tami Rasmussen said...

You guys are so cute! Just another trip down memory lane...I remember when Jimmy and Kevin went on that trip to Mexico (4-5 guys and 1 girl), and then they returned home and showed us, the girls they had broken up with the videos (at least that was our status at the time). Turns out these guys were exactly what we needed, huh?!! Next thing we knew you were engaged, and Kevin and I were dating again. Good Times.

Craig, Sarah, Liv & Sev said...

I love the tribute to Jimmy. THat was so nice! I even got a little teary eyed!

Is there a picture on your blog where you are not pregnant?
Love, Craig