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Monday, December 31, 2007

The years recap!

Can you believe this year is already at an end? There was so much that went on. Just a little recap... To start off the year, back in January I was already pregnant again. (Lets just say we will not be starting the year off like that again.) In Febuary we found out we were having another Girl. We were excited for Sophie to have little sister. Sophie turned 1 in March. We were able to have a couple parties for her. One while we were in Las Vegas, one with friends, and one just with Mom and Dad. We had many visitors..Robin and Marv...Ron and Jan...Becki and Maya...Aaron...Andrew and Emily Stubbs.. and Greg and Leah Spittle. Jimmy and I were in charge of the serive project for the stake conference, which was a carnival for handi-cap individuals. The only problem was that I was scheduled to have Chloe the same day as the carnival. (June 29th) So we worked it out that I had Chloe on the 26th and was abke to make it to the carnival on the 29th. Both events went off smoothly. Then that sunday July 1st we blessed Chloe Brynn Hales. Ha, she was only 5 days old. She was the youngest baby to be blessed in our ward. In July we celebrated the 4th with Marv and Robin here in Texas. In August, my dad and I share the same day birthday. He was turning 60 so the whole family surprised my dad at a Giants game. (A tradition that my dad and I share.) In Sept. Jimmy left for Angola, Africa and I left to stay in California for about a month. In October we headed to Utah to see Aaron and Rachel get married. (We miss Utah!) It was fun being with all the Hales fam. November was Thanksgiving, we had it with some friends in our ward. Now December is here and going fast...Christmas was a great day with our little family. I Can not believe we will be starting a whole new year tomorrow. Happy New years Everyone!!


scottandlesley said...

FINALLY! I have been checking for new posts, and you have finally given me something to see! : )

But, you forgot to include your reunion with your long lost dancing buddy in your recap of 2007. How silly of you.

Cute pictures of the girls! Keep them coming!

Ashley said...

Ummm you totally forgot me and my mom visiting too! Pshhh... haha j/k. I know you love me still. :)