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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Oh Those Sick Days!

As a child, when you are sick, you stay home from school, your mom makes you soup. You get to watch your favorite cartoons and movies. You lounge around all day in your pajamas. As a child you look forward to these days. You almost wish for them. Sometimes you just fake it to get out of school. And then one day you grow up and you are a parent, and you get sick and guess what..... NO ONE CARES!!!!! Your child depends on you to get them up, get them fed, and to turn on their cartoons and movies. They don't care if the night before you didn't sleep at all because your fever was so high that even the covers on your bed were hurting your skin. They don't care that your head was so full of pressure that it felt like your face was going to fall off. They don't care that with every cry and every whine your ears would pound into your brain!!!!!! Nope they are just spoiled and insensitive little people! OH WAIT....I was one of them.
So to MOM and DAD I say, I am sorry! I am sorry for all the times that I faked being sick. Even for the times that I was actually sick but could have survived with out you doing all sick day expectations.

**** Disclosure****
Someone did care....Leslie Larson and Kristi Harvey! Oh and My hubby!

These are pictures of them at the Downtown Memorial Park in Houston. They were both sick and still we took them out into the cold. We are sorry if anyone thinks that we are cruel for doing this to our children! We thought they felt better. Turns out we all got much worse later that day!


scottandlesley said...

Mandy, I also loved being sick! Have a great excuse to stay home from classes, get nothing done, lounge in bed and watch chickflicks, and get all kinds of sympathy. It was great fun right up until Ian was born. You are right-- kids ruin a good sick day! And the only thing worse than a sick day now is having sick children on a sick day. :(

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Aaron and Rachael said...

I'm calling the child abuse hotline