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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Who wants to party at midnight??


This past Monday, Jimmy was on the phone with his sister, helping her with math homework. And I was on the ground trying to change diapers and get PJ's on. We were all tired and just wanted to end the night early. It had been a long and fun day, everyone should have been pooped.
Since Jimmy was still on the phone, and I was getting tired of my girls screaming at me. I decided to just put them to bed. It was about 8:30, a little earlier than normal, but nothing they haven't done before. I was thinking...we went for bike ride in the hot sun, then went swimming, then went to a fun BBQ, they will just crash! Well I had another thing coming to me.
We put them down and a few min later we hear Sophie playing and Chloe was crying. (Chloe was running a fever and I could tell she wasn't feeling well.) So we decided to split them up so that they both can get to sleep with out one of them waking the other.
Chloe never did end up falling asleep. So then we start thinking, "OK did we forget something? Has she eaten enough? Did she get her bottle? Did we give her Tylenol? Does she have a poopy diaper?
So we get her up (its like 10:30 now) we feed her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (her favorite) we give her a bottle. I put her in different PJ's. I checked her diaper and made sure we were good on the Tylenol.
We put her back down and....she continues to cry.
Then we decided to put Sophie back in her room now that she was asleep. (Usually nothing wakes her up after she is down.)
Jimmy and I can still hear Chloe but it's just a quiet cry now. So we start to get ready for bed.(11:00)
Jimmy wakes me from a deep sleep...."Sophie is Singing!!"
WHAT??????? (12:00)
Jimmy and I head down to the room to find the light on in the girls room, clothes every where and Chloe jumping up and down in her crib. We look over and Sophie and she is sitting on her bed singing..... BUCK NAKED!!!!!! The first thing she says to us is...."Oh hi!"
Needless to say we put Sophie back in the front room for the night and left her there. So you might be wondering if Chloe finally went to sleep after all that fun! No she did not. The first time she finally crashed was at 6:00 in the morning. She ended up sleeping until I had to wake her up at 11:30am.
Well there you have it folks...we know exactly what type of teenagers we have in store for us! The kind that likes to Party all night long....


Dawn said...

I can't stop laughing! That is FUNNY! I love that she was sitting on her bed NAKED and then causually says, oh hi. Good stuff! Sorry you had such a bad night.

Megan Kroff said...

Sorry, I'm laughing too. I'm just glad there was funny things in there to make such a long night not seem so bad.