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Thursday, July 23, 2009

~~~One SPECIAL Day~~~

Today was SPECIAL...Jimmy stayed home from work today..helping me adjust to the CRAZY life. He made a special dinner for us. Top Ramen and Juice! It was fantastic! We had great dinner music thanks to Blue October. The girls are even starting to sing along with the songs. Sophie dressed up in her fanciest dress. (Snow White costume) We toasted to a fabulous day of going to the Children's Museum, eating at the Chik-fil-A and then again returning to the Museum. The girls had a late nap and Jimmy and I watched a movie together.(IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY ...unheard of!)

I love my family. To top it off we are heading now to get some BerriPOP. (frozen Yogurt on the waterway..YUM!)

1 comment:

Lesley said...

That DOES sound like a very special, even perfect, day. Way to go, Jimmy!

A movie in the middle of the day sounds like a fantasy to me. How fun!