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Sunday, July 5, 2009

~~~~~The Roller Coaster~~~~~

Well the last couple of weeks have been just that...a roller coaster. Defiantly more ups than downs. I think I have experienced every emotion there is... happiness, sadness, annoyance, anger, surprise, content, grief, pain, loneliness,and many more. I sometimes feel I can't wait for the future to hurry up and get here, and in the same moment I want time to stand still and never move again. Or... I want to return to the past, just to experience the same moment again receiving the same amazing feelings. The thoughts that go through my head can never reach my finger tips fast enough to type them, nor my tongue to speak them. I'm finding that with the ride I am starting to anticipate the next turn instead of wanting to jump off. Tomorrow I might not feel the same way, but as for right now I am loving this roller coaster.

1 comment:

kimdibb said...

Isn't the newborn stage just full of ups and downs???? She's a cutie- congrats- can't wait to meet her!